I wanted the man with the scar, He was fucking cute as hell, even with that scar over his eye. It made him seem tough, rough in a sweet boy next door kind of way. Josh always said I liked it rough. He was the one that introduced me to this world, the lights, and cameras. It was the glamour and glam of the rich and famous. Secretly it was exactly where I wanted to be.
I’m here ready to score big. I needed to get some fast. I felt my head spinning, hands began to shake. It was a matter of moments before I would do something drastic. I slowly stumbled over to the man, began to seduce him with my lips.
“Hey, good-looking”
“What do you want trash”
“Want to give you a nice time, what you say…”
“Not interested, come on, give you a discount because your cute”
“Fuck off,”
“Come on…”
With one kick of his foot, I fell to the ground. He started pounding his fist into my face, blow after blow. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t.

Josh slept on a mattress on the floor. Listening to the noises that emerged after dark. A Siren blaring down the street probable heading toward the tenderloin he thought to himself. He wore his superman T-shirt and a pair of boxers from Delong’s. His red hair was slicked back, so the curls would stay out of his face. He walked over to the bathroom, hoping if he took a sleeping pill it would stop him from tossing and turning and help him sleep. Glancing in the mirror he noticed that one of his green eyes almost looked white if you looked at them from the side. Wow that was a scary… he turned off the light and headed back to bed.
He laid in his bed looking up at the ceiling, watching the lights flicker. He hated it when he couldn’t sleep, he had gone and seen a doctor but they just told him he had insomnia. He knew that this wasn’t natural, if anything he would get 2 hours of sleep. Something was going on, and he needed to figure it out quick. It was something he couldn’t let go of.

His phone buzzed at 3am, “who in the hell is calling me this late”
“May I speak to Jeff McGuire”, yes this is him” do you know someone by the name of Shannon O’Neal…umm ya” “we used to date a few months ago. Why what happened? Well she’s been beaten pretty bad and is in critical condition. “By whom” well we really don’t know, she was found lying on the corner of 5th and Cherry Street. Do you know if she has any family. We found your phone number on a piece of paper in her wallet.
“She just has a sister who lives in Maine” but I don’t know any of her information.